About Us

OTZ Shoes was established in 2009 to offer modern, functional, and environmentally responsible shoes for every person on their day-to-day journey through life. 

Our early designs were inspired by the craftsmanship and mysterious journey of the oldest pair of shoes ever found. These 5,000 year old shoes were discovered on the mummified remains of a prehistoric man called "Ötzi, the Iceman" .

Ötzi the Iceman, carbon dated to 3300 B.C., was found wearing and carrying only the bare essentials for survival: a copper axe & projectile weaponry for protection, furs/animal skins for warmth, and most importantly to protect his feet on his journey: a pair of shoes made of bearskin, deer hide, grass and tree bark.

OTZ shoe company remasters these basic essentials from the past with a fresh and relevant approach each season. Today we use the best quality leathers, canvas, cork, and rubber to produce high quality shoes for the adventures in life. 

Size Chart

Breaking in Period
Our shoes are designed for total comfort. They may feel snug at first, but please allow a breaking in period to allow our foot bed to gradually compress and conform to your foot, as well as for the leather or suede upper to adapt to your foot’s contours. The more you wear them, the more comfortable they get. When choosing our shearling lined styles, or if you’re in between sizes, it’s recommended to select one size up for an ideal fit.

Without a universal footwear size chart that is shared between all footwear brands, the best and ideal way to measure your shoe size is using a ruler that has a CM marker. Place this ruler up against a wall, place your foot on top of it while having your heel against the same wall. The CM that is shown from your longest toe, should be the most accurate sizing of your foot. Using this CM you can easily convert to the corresponding EU size.